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Welcome to Teen Pregnancy Awareness

Teen Pregnancy Awareness (TPA) is an initiative which started in Kangemi with the aim of reducing or eradicating teen pregnancy, issues surrounding the same and as much the affected teens to give them hope for a better future. A research around the Country showcased a rise of teen pregnancy recently and we decided to counter the same from the most affected areas which are the slums before we get to the all Country.

TPA was started in 2016 and reaches out to more than 1500 girls yearly as it seeks to empower young girls through mentorships, guidance and counseling and to see girls attend school with little or no disturbances brought forth by normal body functions through provision of sanitary towels and mentorship.

Our Projects

Tulinde Mazingira Campaign

Our environment is key factor to healthy living.With the areas we work in are slums or what we now call urban poor ,we expect all environmental challenges.From bad sewer system,to water problems,dirty areas and food scarcity are major key problems.The idea is to have a clean up programme monthly for every area. The clean up idea also is to bring…

Usiwahi na ka ushawai si End ya Life

A swahili word dubbed to mean in direct translation (Dont you get pregnant,but if you have its not the end of life.)

The idea behind the campaign is to have a catchy comfortable way of saying , “Please dont get involved in risky sexual behaviours,but if you do so and in the end get pregnant,that is not the end of life.”


Football for Change

  1. Thematic oriented football

This is the use of football as a tool to connect,unite and social transformation. The idea is based on handling certain community issues via football games done as drills on the filed. Football as a way to pass information to young minds and even mature as they play and a certain theme/message…

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