Our Objectives

I.    Reduction of teen pregnancy by approaching teens in sensitization in schools, handling them during pregnancy and much networking them after birth to the right institutions for better health care.
II.    Girl child menstrual support by distributing sanitary towels to the less privilege girls in schools and out of school
III.    Health- Assist the needy and marginalized in the Community to get Health services by identifying and connecting to the readily available sources and beyond.
IV.     Fight Crime and Abusive Drugs, in the community through holding Soccer Clinics, Mentorship sessions in Schools/Community clubs or even one on one with the affected persons.
V.    Child Protection- through Awareness and campaign and Social Activities, Create a safe,Child friendly environment by empowering the community to protect all children’s right. 
VI.    Community Empowerment- Promote youth/women leaders through Economic empowerment trainings, reproductive health to promote social development to create self-esteem, Capacity building, and creating income generating projects.

Our Mission

To empower teen girls and young women around the world to take an active role in their education their own health care, including sexual wellness, development, and emotional health.

Our Vision

By 2030, the teen birth rate in Kenya will decrease by 50%.